How to Find (And Keep) Friends in The Second Millennium 

Casted aluminum, concrete, coil chain, casted pewter, rust, (2023).

Let Me Lie Here 

Liquid latex, string, (2023).


Slip cast ceramic comdom (glazed and unglazed), (2023).

I Think of Him Sometimes

Liquid latex, artist's hair, magnets, nails, inkjet photo of artist, (2023).

Portrait of a Man

Collected found objects (fan, cinder blocks, bed frame), graphite on receipt paper, (2023). 

Hopscotch Series (ongoing)

Playground sand, tape, (2023).

White Sands Beach: Swing & Nest

Sand, rocks, sticks, beach trash, coil chain, maple plank, (2022).

White Sands Beach: What Once Was Will Continue To Be

Sand, charcoal, sticks, string, (2022).

Stentor Coeruleus

Fiberglass, liquid latex, acrylic paint, nails, (2022).

Humidity Project

Welded steel box, humidifier, handmade paper, pen, (2022).

Three Organisms

Memory foam, string, spackle, liquid latex, acrylic paint, (2022).